NodeMaster provides you with a quick and easy solution for viewing and
managing connections and open files on a NetWare Server using a Web
. It allows virtually any client to view connection and open file
information but restricts the actual management (
i.e., clearing of connections or
closing of open files) to Admin (and equivalent) users, plus specifically defined
users (up to eight) and/or group members.

Furthermore, NodeMaster can be configured to track and log activity associated
with connection allocations, authentications, and
user logins/logouts, including
information on NLM connections and which NLM is using each connection. The
activity can be logged in one or more formats (such as CSV) for reporting

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Unlike other similar tools, NodeMaster does not require users to be assigned
Operator rights or have access to the server system console or server
console utilities. Merely loading the NodeMaster NLM on a server provides Admin,
Admin-equivalent users and specifically authorized users the means to easily
manage connections and open files.