Tasha, Winter 2001 (Sitting Pretty ...)
DreamLAN mascot: Tasha @ 12 weeks
Tasha's Mom: Zoe
Tasha's Dad: Dylan
Tasha, Spring 2004
Tasha, Fall 2005
The Three Muddysteers, Summer 2001
Tasha, Winter 2007/2008
Tasha, Winter 2006/2007 (oooo .... feels so good!)
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Tasha: Our company mascot
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DreamLAN.com | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
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DreamLAN.com | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
Tasha, Winter 2007/2008
Tasha, Winter 2007/2008
Tasha, Winter 2007/2008
I am a pure-bred Golden Retriever from the Tarwathie
Kennel (Stratford, ON) and was born on May 16, 1999.
(Yeah, in time to face the Y2K monster!)

This is my Dad,
Tarwathie's Blowing
In the Wind
This is my Mom,
Snowshoe Sweet
Obsession (Zoe).
For those of you that I have the pleasure of meeting, you know I'm a big
girl. This is not because I am "wide" but because both my parents are fairly
large in size - so "it runs in the family." You should see the size of my paws!
(OK, no Big Foot and Blonde jokes.)

Winter 2001
Spring 2004
Fall 2005
The Three Muddysteers;
Summer 2001 - Tasha is
the "cleaner" one
Winter 2007/2008
Winter 2006/2007
Tasha at 12 weeks old
As the offical DreamLAN Company Mascot, Security
Dudette, and Door-greeter, I oversee the development
of DreamLAN's software, safeguarding the paperwork,
and help to define the direction of new products.

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My (formal,
registered) name is
Tarwathie's Golden Mercedes, but
please just call me
Tasha (or "Tash").
(In case you're wondering, I was named after Tasha Yar of Star Trek:
The Next Generation
. I have a very distant cousin named Data!)

Below, you'll see pictures of me at various ages and how I spend my day at the office and enjoy my
free time.

E-mail me if you have any ideas or suggestions for our ToolKits. I'll ensure the development team
gets the message and have someone get back to you!

Photo Gallery
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Winter (Jan) 2008
Winter (Feb) 2008
Winter (Mar) 2008
Hey, why am I "on the wagon" ?!
Spring (Mar 20) 2009