Could this be YOU?
TaskMaster ("TM") is avanti's award-winning flag-ship
product that offers a
simple, yet powerful, way to
expand upon and
automate server management
. It implements a scripting language that extends
upon the NetWare NCF batch capabilities while
incorporating the simplicity of DOS-like batch
processing functions with Novell login script structures
already familiar to NetWare administrators.

If you do not require multi-server support, avanti's TaskMaster Lite ("TMLite") is the server-centric
version of its bigger cousin, TaskMaster. TMLite consist of only the Server module which has the
following limitations:

o No Secure Remote Console support
o No Server-to-Server support
o No Data Synchronization / File Replication (SYNC) support
Are you overwhelmed by your
daily NetWare server
management chores?

To assist you in TaskMaster script development, a set of the most pertinent
examples are available from the Sample TaskMaster Tasks page.

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TaskMaster Lite makes an exceptional server(-centric) management solution and an alternative for
single server installations or networks where remote server or network integration is not a requirement
for server task automation.

To assist you in determining what capabilities TaskMaster/TMLite might offer, avanti have created a
set of TaskMaster/TaskMaster Lite Quick Reference guides. These Quick Reference guides provide
documentation of all the commands and features supported by TaskMaster/TaskMaster Lite
in quick and easy to review format. These Quick Reference guides are available on-line in both HTML
and Adobe Acrobat PDF format for ready access:

Tasks can be written to load/unload NLMs; capture screens, enter keystrokes; and
copy files between volumes, servers, and the DOS partition. A powerful, yet easy
to use
Windows client interface for automating task writing and a remote console
client (that does not require REMOTE.NLM) are also included.