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avanti Support Forums
We are always available and happy to help you
with your questions about our software.
Refer to
"ON THIS PAGE" links located on the right-hand
side of this page for support information on
products and
Connectotel software.

If the Notes and Troubleshooting sections of the documentation do not readily
answer your question, please E-mail our Technical Support Group any time.

All our products include a documentation file in either HTML or PDF format. There
is always a section in the documentation called
Notes. This Notes section outlines
some of the most frequently asked questions for that particular software. Some
software (such as ldapGadget) includes a separate
Troubleshooting section to
address specific topics.

avanti Product Support
avanti technology offers direct support for their TaskMaster/Lite and NodeMaster

Connectotel Software Support
Support for Connectotel's LinkWall Suite, ContentFilter, and Password
Policy Manager software is available direct from Connectotel.

avnati also runs a set of Web-based forums where you can obtain support from avanti as well as sharing
your experience and knowledge with other users.

In order to receive the most expedient technical support response, please obtain the following
information prior to contacting Connectotel support:
The more detailed the problem can be described and isolated (including any error message or abend
log file) before contacting technical support, the greater the chances are for a quick resolution.

Product type/version
NetWare version, SP level
Version of NDS/eDirectory
BorderManager version, SP level (for LinkWall / ContentFilter)

Visit the Novell Support Forums frequently: Very often,
you will find out how to prevent certain problems from
happening in the first place from the postings of other
administrators and users much like yourself. If you do
have an issue, you may find that it is not unique to your
network and someone may have already solved it and
shared his or her solution in the forum.

When performing LDAP searches, it is best to first test and debug your procedure by
binding as Admin
or someone with sufficient rights to the tree. Once working, only
then you can choose to use a less-privileged user (if desired). This helps to isolate if
the cause is due to access rights or caused by some command syntax problem, such as
the search filter, when your query procedure fails or not returning the desired result .

(Not to brag, but we get almost no support calls on
our products as they are extensively tested before
general release. Instead, we frequently receive
feature enhancement requests, which we often

Feel free to ask us your questions and we will reply as soon possible. Priority
Support will be given to customers that have purchased our software and have a
current Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) contract, but we
do reply to all
technical support inquiries.

Frequently, you can find answers and solutions to your
problem by searching the Novell Knowledgebase.

When posting your issue in the forum or contacting technical
support, make sure you
indicate the specific version of
software and Support Pack (SP) level
involved (such as
eDirectory and not just 8.7.3 as they are rather different).
Many issues are addressed by the latest SP; or in some cases, bugs
were introduced by a specific SP. Therefore, knowing what you
are using is essential.

Users who have properly registered their products (say, by purchasing through an authorized reseller,
such as DreamLAN) are provided with Updates / Upgrades and direct Technical Support FREE of charge
for the first Ninety (90) days following the initial software purchase.

After the initial 90-day period, technical support is available via e-mail while updates and upgrades can
be ordered for a nominal per Server License fee. Priority Technical Support and the right to download
the latest Updates and Upgrades can be continued beyond the initial 90 days through Annual Software
Maintenance (ASM).

A Few Quick Tips
The following are some tips that can help you to proactively prevent potential trouble from occurring
and will help to shorten your support turnaround time.

The more in-depth you can describe your problem (including any error message or
abend log file)
and steps to reproduce the issue the greater the chances are for a
quick resolution.