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Need password/intruder-lockout reset self-service?
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Site P builds upon and expanded NDSAdmin's feature set to offer the following helpdesk-related
functions and user self-service features:

o Password reset and Intruder-lockout reset Self-service for general users

Site P utilizes any browser (i.e., HTTP-based) instead of requiring a custom client module as was the
case with NDSAdmin. This means users can even use "kiosk"-type machines to reset their forgotten
passwords or intruder-lockouts. The backend engine itself is a Win32 console application that can run in
service mode.

There is no dependency on other applications such as Apache/Tomcat or specific version of Java;
Novell Client32 and GroupWise Client are only required if you wish to enable GroupWise password

Origin of the name: Site P
Every product needs a name or a code name during development. While
Site P was being worked on, we came across a book called
Quick Silver
(authored by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who have written many
Star Trek books) where talks about an ultimate military command post
known as "Site J."

Additional feature description and detailed setup instructions, especially about the self-service
function, can be found in the documentation included with the Site P test-drive. There is an on-line
PDF version of the Site P documentation

The following are some screen shots illustrating the self-service functions; click on a particular screen
shot to see a larger image.

NDSAdmin was originally released in 1997 and was designed to address the
problems that one required "excessive" NDS rights to be assigned to the helpdesk
personals just so they can change user passwords and reset intruder lockouts. In
the NetWare 4 environment, in order to be able to change another user's password
the Write NDS right to the Access Control List (ACL) of the user object is
required. This can lead to unnecessary security issues as the helpdesk user would
then be able to modify an object's ACL, which in turns means they can grant
themselves Supervisor rights over that object.

NetWare 5 addressed this limitation with the introduction of the Password
Management attribute (Novell TID 10013927). But the new attribute does not
provide helpdesk with the necessary rights for other functions such as to reset
grace logins, intruder lockouts, and so on. For "full" helpdesk work, additional
manual NDS/eDirectory rights assignments must be made - and NetWare
Administrator (NWAdmin32) has some issues that you would need more rights than
necessary for it to function correctly.

o Change concurrent login limits
o Change NDS/eDirectory password
o Change Universal password
o Change Simple password
o Change GroupWise password
o Change Windows domain password
o Change password expiration dates
o Reset grace login limits
o Reset intruder detection lockouts
o Disable/enable user account
As we were developing a web-portal for password-related functions, so
decided to borrowed the (command post) idea and called it "Site P."

NDSAdmin employed a client-server model in which the NLM module logs into the tree with the
necessary NDS/eDirectory rights and the
clients (using a custom Win32 GUI application) do not require
any special rights
to be assigned.

Site P, is a HTTP-based application
that offers Password and Intruder-Lockout Reset Self-Service with Helpdesk
functions. It is the
replacement product for our previous NDSAdmin software.