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Support for avanti Products
(TaskMaster / NodeMaster)
Support for Connectotel Products
(LinkWall Suite / ContentFilter / PPM)

MakeSU NLM: Recreates lost Admin or to
gain access to IRF-blocked objects
DSPass NLM: Resets forgotten Admin or any
user password, both NDS/eDirectory and
Site P: A HTTP-based user management
(helpdesk) application with forgotten
password self-help function

ldapGadget: LDAP-enabled reporting and
LDIF-manipulation tool
TaskMaster / Lite: NetWare server
management and automation tool
NodeMaster: NetWare server-based
helpdesk application

LinkWall Suite: URL blocking solution for
Novell BorderManager
ContentFilter: Content filtering solution for
Novell BorderManager
NDSCount: Win32 application to report
object counts, by object class or by
NDSTree: A pair of DOS / NLM utility that
can help track down hidden (stealth)
objects in your tree
HostEditor: 32-bit Windows application
that can help you, among other functions,
moves Print Queues from one server or
volume to another
NDSPIE: 32-bit Windows application that is
the batch-mode version of HostEditor
Password Policy Manager for NDS/eDir:
Enforces strong NDS/eDirectory passwords

LDAP Gadgets: Ready-to-use LDAP-based
management applets