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All the major directory service products, such as Novell eDirectory, Microsoft
Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, and Sun Java System Directory
, just name but a few, either provides an LDAP interface or is based on
LDAP (such as OpenLDAP).

*In the case of eDirectory, for example, certain tasks (such as the removal of stuck network address values
from User objects) can only be performed via LDAP and not NDAP (Novell Directory Access Protocol;
i.e., over
NCP). Conversely, there are some management functions, notably GroupWise-related ones, depend on NDAP
and cannot be performed via LDAP.
Based on our in-depth understanding and extensive
hands-on experience with Novell Directory Services
and LDAP, combined with real-world customer
needs and feedbacks, we have developed a number
of software tools that
address specific needs in
your daily LDAP and NDS/eDirectory reporting
and management tasks,
helping to make your job
that much easier and more efficient.

avanti's TaskMaster and NodeMaster products
Connectotel's LinkWall Suite and ContentFilter products
Back in the pre-NetWare 4 bindery era, those of us old-timers that have taken Novell's Service and
Support course know there is a fairly easy procedure to resurrect a lost Supervisor password. However,
things are not as straightforward under NDS/eDirectory.

The LDAP ToolKit
Many directory service implementations are available today, and most, if not all,
have one commonality: regardless of the OS platform and the backend database
engine, the directory service server is accessible via the Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol

Our ldapGadget product is a script-based LDAP tool. Our experience showed that many of the
commonly-performed LDAP tasks would benefit greatly by a procedure-driven application.

ldapGadget, on the other hand, can do all these easily without you having to manipulate any LDIF files
or require additional software (it has
built-in SMTP client capability). Furthermore, ldapGadget can be
executed by a scheduler so the task can be executed automatically on a regular basis.

Do you have the need to provide password and intruder-lockout reset self-service for your users and
finds Novell's implementation is not suitable (such as you do not wish to turn on Universal Password) or
too complicated for your particular needs? Our Site P product may be what you are looking for.

Site P is a HTTP-based Win32 application that can run in service mode. You can designate existing
eDirectory attribute values to be used as answers to your Challenge-Response (CR) questions or have
users self-enroll and establish their own CR questions and answers. Site P does not require Universal
Password but can reset Universal Password, NDS, Simple, GroupWise, and Windows passwords. As an
added bonus, Site P has a
built-in helpdesk mode where authorized helpdesk users can use to reset
user passwords and login restrictions without being granted additional rights. Find out how Site P can
ease your helpdesk's work load.

The NDS/eDirectory ToolKit
It is not uncommon that either due to a procedural error or the
deliberate action by a disgruntled employee you find your
Admin id is gone
or otherwise modified and you can no longer
administer your NDS/eDirectory tree. Or, your predecessor or a
third-party support person provided you with the
incorrect Admin
before leaving the company for a new job. Or, ....

This page provides you with general background information about our LDAP and
NDS/eDirectory ToolKits
. You will also read about NetWare server scheduling
and management tools
from avanti and Web content filtering products from
Connectotel, for which we are authorized resellers for.

The MakeSU and DSPass NLMs were developed as a direct result of us messing up in the lab and having
to reinstall the test tree one too many times. Our NDS/eDirectory ToolKit can help you recover from
such sticky situations in
less than one minute.

It is, therefore, only logical to develop new tools using LDAP (where possible*) so they can be used
against multiple platforms
. ldapGadget is our solution to address the need for a single LDAP-based
management tool that works with different directory service implementations.

For example, you need to run a report of users that have not logged-in in the past 30 days, disable
these ids, and then e-mail you the list of these disabled users. Using
standard LDAP tools such as
ldapsearch and ldapmodify, it would be
a two-step process for the data extraction and login disabling
and you would have to find a way to generate the LDIF file required by ldapmodify from the LDIF data
returned by ldapsearch. Furthermore, an e-mail client would be required.

A number of fully commented sample scripts are included with ldapGadget for the most common
administration tasks. You can easily modify them to fit your particular environment. We will be more
happy to assist you in developing new scripts or provide new sample scripts on request. Our
LDAP ToolKit (which ldapGadget is part of)
can greatly reduce your management work overhead.

NetWare Server and Web Access Management Tools
To round out our network management software offering, we have partnered up with avanti
technology, inc., and Connectotel Ltd. to bring you the
best of breed solutions to address your
NetWare server automation and management and Web access control needs.

With the abundant amount of information (both good and bad) available on the World Wide Web
today, it is important that you can control the type of Web content or sites that your users have access
to. Connectotel's
BorderManager-based Web-filtering solutions can help you safe-guard your users
from undesirable Web sites.

avanti's award-winning TaskMaster and NodeMaster products are excellent tools that can ease many of
your daily NetWare server management tasks
. For example, TaskMaster can easily schedule daily disk
usage reports in HTML format to be generated and have them e-mailed to you first thing in the
morning. If you are in need of a server connection management application, NodeMaster may fulfill your

Connectotel also offers Password Policy Manager for NDS/eDirectory, an alternate solution to Novell's
Universal Password for
strong password requirements.

The LinkWall Suite allows you to restrict access by Web site URL and limit file downloads by file
. Sometimes, you may wish to block access by content as frequently a URL does not necessary
reflect the type of (bad) information available on the Web site. ContentFilter allows you to
block Web
pages based on specific keywords.

To illustrate the power and flexibility of ldapGadget, we also offer a set of applets (known as LDAP
) that are complete applications written entirely using ldapGadget scripts.