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DreamLAN.com | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
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DreamLAN.com | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
Your E-Mail Address. Effective June 01, 2003, we are blocking e-mail from
many of the "free" e-mail domains frequently used by spammers (as used in the
"From" field), such as Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, HotMail,
etc. Therefore, please either
use your company e-mail address, or a MyRealBox- or Gmail-like id. Thank you
for your understanding.

Purchase Orders. If you are using a Purchase Order (Net-30 or less), please FAX
or e-mail
a copy of the PO to our office so your order can be processed. Unless
by prior arrangement, quoting a PO number on the Order Form is not sufficient.

Order On-Line. Complete and submit the on-line order form. Many of our products
are available via secure on-line shopping carts from share-it! (a service of Digital
River) and through Reg.Net, two of the largest e-Commerce and shopping cart
providers in the industry. You can also place phone orders through them. This
page shows the list of the software available through share-it! and Reg.Net.

Order via FAX. Complete and print a copy of the on-line order form (or use the
text order form) and then FAX your order to our office at +1 (905) 887-3836. When
using a Purchase Order, please include it with the FAX.

If your Purchase
term is more
than 30-days
please contact us
first before placing
your order.

Thank you!
Order via Mail. Complete and print a copy of the on-line order form (or use the text order form) and,
together with payment, mail it to our office at the address shown on our Contact Us page. When using
a Purchase Order, please include a copy with your order.

Order via Phone. Phone orders may be placed with share-it! or Reg.Net. When calling, please refer to
the correct product ID number (as the product codes used by share-it! are different from those used by
Reg.Net). Also, if applicable (such as when ordering MakeSU, DSPass, or Site P), ensure you provide
your NDS/eDirectory tree name; otherwise, there will be a delay in fulfilling your order.

If you have trouble submitting the order over the Web, you can use this text order form instead.

Credit Card Orders. Credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX) orders are welcomed. Due to the restrictions posed
by AMEX Canada, only Canadian AMEX orders can be accepted - non-Canadian customers can place your
AMEX orders with share-it!, Reg.Net, or via PayPal (see below). If you wish to use a Novus (Discover)
card, you can place the order through Reg.Net. Orders to be charged to Diner's Club, UK debit cards
Solo and Maestro may be placed with share-it!.
(NOTE: effective May 01, 2010 all credit card orders
are processed via PayPal)

PayPal. We will invoice you via PayPal for your order - that way, you can use any one of the secure
payment options supported by PayPal.

Credit Card Billing Address. When using a credit card, please ensure the owner's address is used in the
billing address section in the order form. Our credit card processor requires the
exact billing address,
including Zip/Postal Code,
as shown on that credit card's statement. This is a security measure
required to complete the credit card authorization process. Also, please ensure the card is issued by a
financial institution (
i.e., a bank) so that electronic processing is possible.

Payment Format. Due to international banking restrictions, cheque/check, money order or bank draft
payment must be
issued by a financial institution (i.e., a bank). For example, we are unable to accept
a money order issued by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Payment via PayPal is possible with prior

NDS/eDirectory Tree Name. Please ensure you specified the correct NDS/eDirectory tree name on the
Order Form, if applicable. Should you have provided a wrong tree name, a service charge (and
Shipping & Handling charge, if applicable)
may apply for issuing a new license key. When applicable,
the minimum service charge is $19.95 USD ($22 CAD plus tax) or 15% of the order, whichever is more.

Order Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy. Please refer to our Return Policy page for details.

On this page, you will find detailed information on
the different ordering and payment options
available for placing your order with us.

When you buy from us, you are not only getting
quality software makes your job easier, you also
benefit from our technical expertise and years of

How To Buy
This section highlights your various purchasing options.

A Few Notes Before You Order
The following is a few notes that will help keep your ordering process trouble-free:

Why Buy From Us?
Top five reasons for making DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. your source for NDS/eDirectory and
LDAP-related software tools.

1. We are established. DreamLAN has been in business since 1992 providing network
integration, consulting services, and software solutions to customers around the world.

2. We are trail-blazers. The first of our NDS/eDirectory ToolKit component, MakeSU,
was released in 1995. It was the
first of its kind. We continue to be the leader in
developing new and innovative solutions for LDAP and NDS/eDirectory networks.

3. We back our products with the necessary expertise and experience. We may not
have the absolute lowest prices (because of R&D overhead) but you do get additional
peace-of-mind with our products that they work or your money back.

5. Our products are tested and proven. Research and Development is ongoing at
DreamLAN. Our projects include testing existing products for compatibility with new
versions of eDirectory and NetWare, improving code efficiency, developing and
evaluating new products according to real-world customer needs.

4. We provide quality service and products. We not only help you choose the best
product for the job, we will provide support to help you install it and get it working.
Also, you will
never get any "up-sell" or "high-pressure" sale pitches from us. If we offer a
less expensive product that will do the job without compromising your needs, we will
recommend it first.

One of the drawbacks of being at the leading-edge is the amount of Research and
Development (R&D) efforts that must be expended. We figure out if something can be
done and how it can be done. Others just "copy" afterwards without having the necessary
technical understanding of the underlying issues.

You may be able to find someone with a lower price, but can they provide you with the
necessary technical support? Will they be around tomorrow? We once had someone called
for support after they tried to reverse-engineer one of our products and could not figure
why and how it works!

We are acknowledged experts in NDS/eDirectory- and LDAP-related network
management, troubleshooting, and software development. Every ToolKit component you
buy from us is backed by
over 10 years of hands-on, "in the trenches," experience.

It is our goal to continue offering exceptional products and solutions, outstanding service and excellent

Resellers interested in ordering our products should
contact us directly for information on pricing, terms, and
conditions for ordering.