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LinkWall Suite is comprised of three components: AdWall,
FileWall, and LinkWall. LinkWall Suite is a set of Novell
BorderManager-based solution that protects your network
users from seeing unwanted ads,
block file downloads by
file types, and
prevent access to undesirable Internet

Public domain site lists. AdWall and LinkWall can make use of any public domain blocking
list, in SquidGuard Blacklist, DMOZ or "hosts" file format. (Refer to Novell AppNotes "
Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager
" and Novell Cool Solutions
article "
Using DMOZ Open Directory Project lists with Novell BorderManager" for more

Open site lists. The lists of sites and files blocked by AdWall, FileWall and LinkWall are
completely open to inspection and can be easily added to or edited by the Administrator.

Additional information about each of the components in LinkWall Suite can be found at their respective
home pages:

Novell BorderManager 3.8 or 3.9(*)
At least 128MB of RAM above OS/BM requirements

* The current version of LinkWall [3.90] works with BM3.9. However, BM3.9 itself - more
specifically, the iManager plug-ins - has trouble with all third-party rules. For example,
one needs to "Apply" changes multiple times for any changes to take effect. This has been
fixed in BM3.9SP1, released on March 14, 2008. Refer to
TID# 5022120 in Novell's

If you wish to block Web contents based on keywords, regardless of the site (URL), perhaps
ContentFilter (which can be used concurrently with LinkWall) is what you are looking for.

AdWall offers blocking of unwanted Web advertising
FileWall offers blocking of pre-defined file types
LinkWall offers blocking of undesirable Internet sites including, for
example, pornography, drugs or violence

No additional hardware required. These solutions operate in conjunction with your
existing Novell BorderManager software without requiring additional server or gateway

Ease of use. The software is straightforward to install and configure and integrates with
your existing BorderManager administration tools.

Product Features and Benefits

System Requirements

Low cost. The software license is a one-off fee (for all three
products) and does not require an expensive ongoing subscription.

NetWare and Linux support. Novell announced during BrainShare 2010 that
BorderManager's general support has been extended until March 2012.
Connectotel will
continue to offer and support LinkWall on BorderManager/NetWare up to March 2012
and beyond
. At the same time, LinkWall for Superlumin (Superlumin is BM's replacement
on Linux platform) is being developed. Connectotel LinkWall customers with active
Annual Software Maintenance (ASM) will be entitled to migrate to this new version of
LinkWall when available. For more information, please see Connectotel's press release of
March 30, 2010