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Privacy Policy FAQ Home Legal and Privacy | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
DreamLAN insignia: Return to Home Page Home Legal and Privacy | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
Because of the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web, hyperlinks and contents of Web sites linked to
changes constantly. As a result, DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. cannot, and does not, guarantee that
the links listed on our pages are accurate at all times. Moreover, the sites our Web pages linked to are
developed by persons or organizations over which DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. exercises no
control. We cannot and does not constantly screen the sites included in the links. Accordingly,
DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the content of any site linked to from
our Web pages.

DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. ("DreamLAN")
makes no representations or warranties with
respect to the content or use of any information
provided by this Web site. We specifically disclaim
any expressed or implied warranties of
merchantability or fitness for any particular
purposes. Further, DreamLAN Network Consulting
Ltd. reserves the right to revise the information
and any downloadable software provided by this
Web site, at any time, without obligations to notify
any person or entity of such changes.

Any software that is made available for download from this Web site ("Software") is the copyrighted
work of DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. and/or its licensors. Use of the Software is governed by
the terms of the end user license agreement that accompanies or is included with the Software
("License Agreement"). For example, open source or freeware Software made available is governed by
the terms of the applicable (open source) License Agreement that accompanies or is included with the

Any reproduction, reverse-engineering, redistribution, license circumvention, or any action of the
Software not in accordance with the License Agreement is expressly prohibited by law, and may result
in severe civil and criminal penalties. Similarly, if the Software is used to gain or in attempts to gain
illegal access to systems, legal penalties (civil and/or criminal) may be imposed. Violators will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.

Any mention of a third-party product or products, service or services, does not constitute an
endorsement by DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd.

Rest assured that your information will not leave our offices unauthorized, and when and if it does it
will be under your permission (or by legal orders - you
will be notified if this ever happens). Any
unrelated sensitive data will first be sanitized by our Security Expert before release.

Will DreamLAN ever send SPAM to my e-mail address?
We do not like SPAM ourselves (except for the eatable [SPAM] variety), thus we do not
send SPAM. Your e-mail address is only used for software update notification, and if you
have an active Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) contract, bug alert purposes . As
part of our no-SPAM policy, we send only
one ASM renewal reminder notice, about 30
days prior to the ASM expiration date.

If you have questions about our usage of your personal information not readily answered above or wish
to have your data updated or removed from our
active files, please contact us. (Please give us a break
on the backups as it would be close to impossible, and very impractical, to remove your information
from the secure archives without compromising data integrity, such as checksums.)

DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. will never willfully or knowingly disclose individually identifiable
private information about its customers to any third party, with the following exceptions, without first
receiving that customer's permission:

When you order an avanti software or Connectotel product, your contact information
(such as your name, company name, company address, e-mail address, and so on, but
none of the financial-related data) are passed on to the respective vendor. This is so
that you are properly registered in their sales and support databases as "Purchaser of
Record" for the product.

When you make a credit card purchase, we need to provide sufficient information to
the processing agency in order to obtain billing authorization.

When required by law, including by an order of any court, institution or body with
jurisdiction or authority to compel the production of information, or in order to
protect or defend a legal interest.

We share your contact information with couriers (such as FedEx or UPS) to ship
products to you as part of your order, if applicable.

What user (on-line) information do you collect?
When you contact us via our on-line form, we log your Name, E-mail Address, and IP
address. We do this to help detect illegal access and to deter potential abuse. When you
download software from our server, we log your IP address. Our Web server
automatically tracks your User Agent (Web browser) type and IP address.

Do you track my Web site usage with Cookies?
No, at this time we do not use Cookies at all on our Web site. We may in the future, and
when we do, we will say so here.

Will DreamLAN ever sell, rent, or otherwise provide my information to a third party
for advertising?
Are you joking? Nope. Not in a million years. Never. We get enough junk mail (paper and
electronically) ourselves and will not wish that on our customers!

How will the information you collected be used?
We keep a customer database (not connected to the Internet in any way) of your names,
company-related information, and e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending product
update, upgrade, and ASM renewal reminder notifications. The data also serves to
identify the Purchaser of Record for the products.

The IP addresses may be used in traffic analysis to determine where our visitors are
coming from. The addresses may also be provided to our Web hosting company should
abuse or attempts of abuse are detected.

Will my information ever be used for any other purpose?
The only time we would ever use your personal information for any other reason that
those stated here is to aid the proper authorities in finding fraudulent credit card charges
or in finding those responsible for illegal distribution or piracy of our software.

(This page is a little "dry", but that is legal stuff. Sorry!)

Trademark Information Acknowledgements
All terms mentioned in this Web site that are known to be trademarks or service marks have been
appropriately capitalized (where applicable). DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. cannot attest to the
accuracy of this information. Use of a term by this Web site should not be regarded as affecting the
validity of any trademark or service mark.

Privacy Policy
Privacy and security are of upmost concern to us. Here at DreamLAN, even though we do not engage in
any ultra secret work or black projects with any government agencies of any countries on this planet
(yet, or that
we know about!), we do understand the importance of (your) privacy and the security of
(your private) information.

A Mini Privacy Policy FAQ

How is your data secured?
The off-line customer database itself is encrypted (thus, backup copies of it are also
encrypted) and is kept on a hardware-encrypted hard drive.