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DreamLAN is home to the LDAP and
NDS/eDirectory ToolKits
. We are the developer of
ldapGadget and NDS/eDirectory ToolKit, software
tools specifically designed to
help you manage and
your Novell NDS/eDirectory and
LDAP-enabled networking systems efficiently and

("DreamLAN"), headquartered in Markham (Ontario, Canada), is a
technology consulting firm. We design, integrate and troubleshoot
networks, offer network management solutions, and do custom
software development. We are LDAP and directory services experts,
and are the world's
leading authority on Novell NDS/eDirectory.

This Web site provides information about our ToolKits, NetWare
server management tools
from avanti technology, and Web content
filtering solutions for BorderManager
from Connectotel.

Also available from our Web Site are our technical tips and tricks,
NetWare-related freeware, recent Novell Cool Solutions articles and
Technical Information Documents (TIDs), and selected
technology-related news feeds
from CNN, SlashDot, and InfoWorld.

ldapGadget, an LDAP-enabled scripting tool that can
automate many of your daily network management
and reporting tasks. It comes with fully-documented
example scripts showing how it
can save you hours
of work and headaches

The following is a partial list of software products available on our
Web site:

MakeSU NLM, a NetWare utility that can re-create
your lost Admin user in less than 60 seconds
. Also
allows you to regain full management access to
IRF-blocked objects in your NDS/eDirectory tree.

Site P, an alternative to Novell's Forgotten
Password self-service
that does not require
Universal Password. As an added bonus, Site P

includes a helpdesk component
which permits
authorized helpdesk users to reset user passwords and
login restrictions without requiring additional
NDS/eDirectory rights be granted.

TaskMaster, a NetWare server-based scheduling and
scripting tool
that will make your routine server
management tasks a breeze. You can easily automate
complex tasks such as Support Pack installs or
synchronize file changes between NetWare servers. A
perfect companion for ldapGadget.

LinkWall Suite, a cost-effective and easy to
add-on solution for your Novell
BorderManager servers to
restrict access to
undesirable Web sites

DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. of Markham, Ontario (Canada) has never been
involved in the manufacture of any Computer Hardware or any other Appliances
bearing a DreamLAN name or logo, nor has ever been involved with any Computer LAN
Gaming Parties or similar activities.

If you are seeking information about DreamLAN other than Directory Services, Novell
NDS/eDirectory, Server Management Software or Services supporting the Novell
NetWare/OES Server platform, or LDAP-enabled Management Software,
i.e., a
non-computer networking-related firm, you have located the wrong company.

When you buy from us, you are not only getting quality
that makes your job easier, you also benefit
from our
technical expertises and years of experience.

LDAP Gadgets, also affectionally referred to as LDAP
), is a set of ready-to-run applets written
completely using
ldapGadget/Lua scripts. These
gadgets offer easy data management, KMO status and
user password status reports, and much more.