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DreamLAN.com Home Products NDS/eDirectory Tools HostEditor / NDSPIE
DreamLAN.com | A posse ad esse : Creating dream solutions
You can find more information about HostEditor and NDSPIE from the documentation included with the

Ever had the need to move your (non-bindary) print queues
from one volume to another, or even to a different server? Ever
had the problem of your PSERVER NLM fail to load automatically
due to
missing or wrong Host Device attribute value?
HostEditor can help you!

HostEditor is a Win32 GUI application that can change the Host Device attribute
value of a Print Server object without you having to delete the Print Server
object and recreate it. In addition, this utility can change the Host Device and
Host Server attribute value of Directory Map, Print Queue, and Volume objects.

More importantly, HostEditor can be used to change the Volume and Queue
Directory attributes of a Print Queue object (for the purpose of "moving" a print
queue from one server/volume to another)! We wrote a Novell AppNote on
moving print queues between volumes and servers
and has included detailed
procedure with the utility. Although you can accomplish the same using either
ConsoleOne or iManager, but HostEditor is far more faster and easier to use.

If you have many queues to move or objects to modify, using HostEditor can be tedious. To address
this, we designed the NDS Printing Import Export (NDSPIE) utility, which is a batch-mode version of
NDSPIE does everything Hosteditor can do but instead of you having to click-and-choose
each object, it makes
mass-changes based on a data file.

HostEditor / NDSPIE