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Listed on this page are some free NetWare and
NDS/eDirectory-related utilities. A few of these tools
were developed by us (DreamLAN), some were from
Novell Research, and others were from various
cyberspace treasure chests that we came across. We are
also slowly placing some of our retired NDS/eDirectory
tools onto this freeware page. A NetWare NLM to remove Inherited Rights Filters (IRFs) placed on Novell
license objects in the NDS/eDirectory tree. A NetWare NLM to send a text file or a one-line message using the SMTP e-mail
protocol. (Updated Oct 13, 2003) A NetWare NLM to sort text files in either ascending or descending order.
You can specify the columns that will be used as the sort key. A 32-bit (Windows) "Novell snake" screen saver. A pair of Win32 application that outputs the class and attribute definitions in
your tree. Can be used to generate tables for documentation purposes. A DOS command-line utility to change a user's bindery password. A set of bindery-based server related utilities. A utility to display internal information about the NetWare 4.
x license file
(SERVER.MLS). DOS utility to list the number and types of NDS replicas on each NetWare
server in the tree. A utility to help you troubleshoot network problems related to the
distribution of SAP packets on a network, e.g. when a workstation cannot connect to a
file server. The program is a DOS utility that provides SAP volume and type information.
Read sapmon.txt included in the self-extracting executable for more information. (SAP
stands for Service Advertising Protocol. The services in an IPX environment use SAP to
advertise themselves.) DOS application developed by Novell Research that provides statistics about
your NDS tree. Refer to "
Understanding SCANTREE.EXE's Statistics," Novell AppNotes
(March 1996) for more information.

Downloads for our software evaluation can be found on our Software Downloads

NetWare NLM-based Applications

Win32 Applications

DOS Applications

The listing shown on this page is grouped by executable type (such as NLM or DOS application). Please
remember that freeware does
not necessary mean public domain. Therefore, please consult any
copyright notice that may be included with each of the software.