NDS/eDirectory ToolKit
NDS/eDirectory ToolKit works with NetWare 4.10 and later and all released versions of NDS/eDirectory
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The NDS/eDirectory ToolKit is the result of combining years of hands-on practical experience in
troubleshooting and managing NDS/eDirectory networks and our in-depth knowledge and understanding
of the inner workings of NDS/eDirectory technology.

As is with any business, especially in the computer area of networking-related software, there are
innovators and there are imitators. DreamLAN is proud to be a "trail blazer" in the area of
NDS/eDirectory/LDAP tools.

We have been developing NDS/eDirectory-specific tools
since 1995. Each of the utility is designed to
address a specific need in NDS/eDirectory management and administration. Many of these tools are a
direct result of our own requirement. The first of the tools was the MakeSU NLM.

We fully understand the need and readily agree that when you load an NLM on your production server,
you want some high level of assurance that it will do what is advertised
and that it will coexist nicely
with your other product modules.

As a result, all server components of the NDS/eDirectorty ToolKit have successfully passed the stringent
Novell YES Certified compatibility testing requirements. We also applied the same philosophy and
YES-certified many of our workstation-based utilities even though they are much unlikely to cause
problem at the server itself. (We would have liked to certify all of them but could not justify the
associated time and financial cost.)

You may find products (some even free ones or Open Source) that purport to perform similar functions
as our ToolKit but you will not likely find them to be YES Certified. Bear in mind of the old saying, "You
get what you pay for." The reality is that, often times, the developers of these products are unable or
unavailable to provide the level of support necessary to address your needs when you most needed it.
How frequent do you find a free or Open Source product being supported after six months or a year?

Therefore, when in doubt, always choose the company that has the necessary expertise in the given
area even if they may cost $5 more than the other less qualified company found at the next Web site.
The extra $5 you spend now will save you $500 or more down the road.

For any type of job (computer-related or
otherwise), it is essential to have the correct and
proper tool. The NDS/eDirectory ToolKit
components are
specifically designed for certain
types of NDS/eDirectory disaster recovery and
reporting needs:

MakeSU NLM: Recreates lost Admin or to gain access to IRF-blocked

DSPass NLM: Resets
forgotten Admin or any user password, both
NDS/eDirectory and bindery.

NDSCount: Win32 application
reports object counts; breakdown by
object class or by partition.

NDSTree: A pair of DOS/NLM utility that can help
track down
hidden objects
in your tree.

HostEditor / NDSPIE: HostEditor is a 32-bit Windows application that
can help you, among other functions,
moves Print Queues from one
server or volume to another
. NDSPIE is the batch-mode version.

Site P: A http-based
user management (helpdesk) application with
forgotten password and intruder-lockout self-help function.