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Ever run into situations whereby a user has forgotten his or her
password, and therefore requires you to reset it? What if this
user id is Admin and you do not have an Admin-equivalent id to
reset the Admin password? Or a disgruntled administrator
changed the password and left the company without telling

Additional information can be found in the documentation included with the DSPass demonstration

DSPass (D-S-Pass; [N]DS Password) can get you out of such a jam! DSPass is a
NetWare NLM utility that allows you to
reset any NDS/eDirectory user's

You can also use DSPass to reset a user's bindery password including that of
Supervisor, provided the server has Bindery Services enabled. (The bindery
Supervisor, which sometimes is reported as [Supervisor] when detected, is not a
real User object that exists within NDS/eDirectory. It is straightly a bindery entity
and exists
internally within the context of NDS/eDirectory.)

We also have a DSPass3x NLM that are specifically designed for resetting passwords on NetWare
x/3.2 servers. If you need to order this NLM, please use the DSPass selection in the order form, and
in the NDS/eDirectory tree name field, enter the name of the NetWare 3.1
x/3.2 server and put
"(NetWare 3.1
x/3.2)" after the name. (Customers who has previously purchased DSPass may request
FREE copy - as it is server-based - of DSPass3x; and DSPass3x customers may request one FREE
copy of DSPass NLM.)

DSPass (D-S-Pass)