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Freeware download
Freeware download
Listed on this page are links to the evaluation
versions of our
LDAP ToolKit and NDS/eDirectory

If you are looking for the
freeware downloads,
please visit our Freeware page.

TaskMaster test-drive and NodeMaster test-drive
and be downloaded from avanti's Software

MakeSU NLM: (Re)Creates lost Admin or to gain access to IRF-blocked objects.

DSPass NLM: Resets forgotten Admin or any user password, both NDS/eDirectory and

Site P: [2.9MB] A http-based user management (helpdesk) application with forgotten
password self-help function.

ldapGadget: [2 MB] LDAP-enabled reporting and management scripting tool.

NDSCount: A Win32 application that reports object counts; breakdown by object class or
by partition.

NDSTree: A pair of DOS/NLM utility that can help track down hidden objects in your tree.

HostEditor / NDSPIE: HostEditor is a 32-bit Windows application that can help you, among
other functions, moves Print Queues from one server or volume to another. NDSPIE is the
batch-mode version.

ldapGadget sample scripts are included with ldapGadget. The latest list of ldapGadget
can be found on the ldapGadget product home page.

You can download the latest evaluation versions of Connectotel's software from
the following links:

LDAP Tools

NDS/eDirectory Tools

If you wish to evaluate the full feature set of either Site P or
, request a 15-day timed-trial version.
LDAP Gadgets and Gizmos: [October 29, 2016 build] Ready-to-run compiled ldapGadget
scripts - genericallty referred to as "Gadgets" or "Gizmos." See this page for details about
these applications.