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DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. is proud to be the authorized U.S./Canadian distributor and
for Connectotel Ltd.'s ("Connectotel") Password Policy Manager for NDS/eDirectory, LinkWall
and ContentFilter suites of products.

For any network with an Internet-facing connection,
security is at the top your priority list for a reason:
you cannot afford the consequences of data theft,
wasted work time and the inability of remote users to
securely access the data they need when they needed

That is why you have installed Novell BorderManager (NBM). It is a proven
perimeter security solution with essential access control and VPN technologies that
protect your resources while ensuring end-user productivity. However,
BorderManger's built-in access control mechanism is not very flexible or network
manager-friendly when it come to blocking undesirable Web contents. This is
where the Connectotel
add-in products can assist you:

If you need to enforce strong NDS/eDirectory passwords but is reluctant or unable to enable
Universal Password:

LinkWall Suite: A URL-based filtering solution

ContentFilter: Web page filtering by keywords

Password Policy Manager (PPM): enforce strong
NDS/eDirectory passwords