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NDS Basics book
Groom Dry Lake Test Facility: Area 51
Peter Kuo, Ph.D., DreamLAN's Founder/President and Chief Dog Walker, has been
working with computers, networking technologies, and programming since the
late 1970s. He is considered well versed in NetWare development and, in
particular, NDS/eDirectory (which he has worked with since NDS was in the beta
stages) issues. Peter has shared his vast experience in numerous computer
networking-related books and articles. For example, Peter is the coauthor of the
only set of books dedicated to troubleshooting NDS/eDirectory.

We have "been there, done that"
(and gotten more than half-dozen T-shirts!) Our team has been programming
and working with networks since the mid-1970s and with Novell products since
1987. We have worked with

Based in Markham (Ontario, Canada), we serve clients
around the world. We are available for on-site work but
often we are able to assist our clients via remote access
over the Internet. We also offer support via e-mail.

We listen to customers
We are not about producing "we-think-this-is-what-you-want-ware." We develop usable solutions that
actually address your daily management needs. Combining our research findings and
listening to
from around the world about their wish lists for NDS/eDirectory-LDAP management and
troubleshooting tools and solutions, we developed two sets of specialized software tools: the
NDS/eDirectory ToolKit and the LDAP ToolKit.

The NDS/eDirectory ToolKit is comprised of a collection of NetWare NLMs and Win32 GUI/DOS-based
utilities. These tools are designed to assist you in managing and troubleshooting your NDS/eDirectory,
NetWare 4.10+, NetWare 5.
x, and NetWare 6.x/OES networks and to assist your users in accessing your
network more easily. The LDAP ToolKit, on the other hand, is Win32 console-based and is targeted at
LDAP systems in general, but with specific additional support for eDirectory and Active Directory.

When not working on books and articles or hiding in the secret research cave
trying to trash eDirectory or working on new software, Peter volunteers his time
as a
Novell Knowledge Partner for the Novell Support Forums, assisting Novell in
supporting many advanced subject areas such as connectivity, IDM, NetWare and
Linux OSes, and NDS/eDirectory.

DreamLAN Security
We take information security seriously. While Dreamland has "Cammo (sic) Dudes" for perimeter
security, our mascot patrols our perimeters as well as is responsible for securing
all paperwork,
including program source codes, from preying eyes.

We have been performing network monitoring, protocol analysis and troubleshooting using Network
(now a NetScout company) Sniffer, Novell's ManageWise and LANalyzer and other similar
products (anyone remembered Novell's LANtern device?) well before the popular Wireshark software
that is available today. (Did you know Laura Chappell started out with LANalyzer?)

The Dude!
The Dude
DreamLAN org chart
For a long time, other than being a high-tech research and testing facility
for the world's most advanced aircrafts (such as the U-2 spyplane, SR-71
, and the "new" Aurora, just to name but a few), Dreamland has
prompted speculations about captured alien spacecrafts and hidden bodies
of extraterrestrial beings.

It is the high-tech and research aspects of Dreamland that gave us the idea of "DreamLAN," where we
perform research and development work in networking and related areas, in particular, eDirectory and

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Our Current Focus
The Name: DreamLAN
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DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd.
("DreamLAN") - founded in 1992 and
incorporated in 1994 - based in Markham
(Ontario, Canada),
is a technology
consulting firm
specializing in Novell
NDS/eDirectory network design,
troubleshooting and management, and
custom software development.

Canada Flag
The name, DreamLAN, was inspired by the "rumored" top secret U.S.
military installation known as
Groom Lake, or more commonly as Area 51

We know networking
Since the early days of networking we have gained much hands-on experience integrating LANs with
mainframes (IBM and Xerox/Honeywell) and mini systems (such as DEC, HP, and Data General) using
both TCP/IP and SNA. We have also worked extensively with Novell connectivity products such as
NetWare for SAA and NetWare for LAT.

With our expertise, we can create a dream solution to address
your toughest networking problems and needs.

A posse ed esse - from Dreams to Reality

We are different from other companies you have worked with, and here is why:

We understand eDirectory and LDAP
We have been working with NDS/eDirectory (DS) since NetWare 4.0 (when NDS was first introduced)
was still in beta. More than just "working" with it in the traditional sense, which is treating it as an
(blackbox) application -
we got our hands dirty and looked "under the hood."

We studied the inner workings of DS replication, synchronization, and various housekeeping processes
by looking at the DS traffic between servers under different conditions, using the built-in DSTrace
facility and protocol analyzers.

We also examined how various Novell management tools (such as NWAdmin and ConsoleOne) perform
their tasks. We then developed a suite of testing software using the Novell Development Kit (NDK) that
perform similar tasks but with deliberate errors inserted. This
allowed us to understand why and how
certain error codes and conditions are caused. Consequently, it showed us how to fixed such problems
or prevent them from happening in the first place.

The same "poke-at-it-and-see-what-happens" technique was used to study the LDAP interface to
eDirectory. Coupled with our know-how with eDirectory, we have a firm and deep understanding on
how LDAP client software interacts with eDirectory. Therefore, we know what is possible and what is
not feasible with the eDirectory-LDAP combination.

We are specialists
Unlike many other "one-stop" consulting companies and software developers we focus on a few things
and do them extremely well. In those areas, we have
deep hands-on experience and developed
proven solutions that we can use to maximize the return on your projects. In particular, we are the
leading authority on Novell Directory Services (NDS; now known as eDirectory) and experts
on LDAP-related technologies

IBM OS/2 LAN/Warp Server products
various Microsoft Windows server products
Banyan VINES
various Unix systems, such as DEC ULTRIX, SCO Xenix,
AT&T System V, SunOS, IBM AIX, HP-UX, and Berkeley BSD
various DEC systems such as VAX/VMS, RSX-11, and RT-11
every version of NetWare since NetWare 286 2.0a, including
NetWare for VMS and NetWare Lite

Yes, Unix (thus Linux) is nothing new to us. We have been working with various
flavors of Unix well before Linux was released in 1991.

Well before the popularity of World Wide Web as we all come to know today we have been helping
customers to implement Internet and intranet connectivity (including Web site design and Web server

We never stop improving
Research and development is an on-going process for us. We stay in the forefront of eDirectory,
LDAP, and related technologies by keeping abreast of new advances in these areas. New ToolKit
features are constantly added as required or requested by customers.

We know the competition
The teaching of The Art of War (by Sun Tzu) says: "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you
need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory
gained you will also suffer a defeat." So, although we specialize in Novell eDirectory, we are
also well
versed with other directory service implementations
such as Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle
Internet Directory, and Sun iPlanet Directory Server.

The Dude

Furthermore, Peter is a member of Novell's DeveloperNet
Program (formerly known as the Novell Professional
Developer's Program) and was one of the volunteers on the
DeveloperNet SysOp Team.
Our Current Focus
With the ever-changing technologies, a company's direction must be flexible and adapt to with the
current times. Our primary focus today, measured in "Internet time," is interoperability between
various directory systems (such as eDirectory, Active Directory, and different LDAP implementations),
and identity management. In particular, we do custom software development to help provide such

From Dreams to Reality
Regardless of the size of your company, we work hard to ensure that we have a thorough
understanding of not only your networked systems, but also of your business requirements, so we can
offer you the best service and advise possible.

The name: DreamLAN
Many of our friends and customers have asked, with a quizzical look, "DreamLAN ?"



DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. of Markham, Ontario (Canada) has never been involved in the manufacture of any
Computer Hardware or any other Appliances bearing a DreamLAN name or logo, nor has ever been involved with any Computer
LAN Gaming Parties or similar activities.

If you are seeking information about DreamLAN other than Directory Services, Novell NDS/eDirectory, Server Management
Software or Services supporting the Novell NetWare/OES Server platform, or LDAP-enabled Management Software,
i.e., a
non-computer networking-related firm, you have located the wrong company.

eDirectory - excellent that it is - is not a blanket solution for all requirements. Knowing the pros and
cons of eDirectory and its competitors, we can offer you the
best advise possible for a given directory
service implementation requirement or software solution.